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VOLUME 18, 1991

Volume 18, Number 1

David Read Johnson Vaughn A. Kaser Maralynn M. Hagood Robert J. Landy

Marcia F. Taylor

Barbara MacLean David Aldridge

Bettina Stronach-Buschel

William Regelson Brian West

Arthur Lerner Lynn Kapitan

Betsy Distler

Norio Seki


Perspective: On Being One and Many

Music Therapy Treatment of Pedophilia Using the Drum Set Group Art Therapy With Mothers of Sexually Abused Children The Dramatic Basis of Role Theory

The Goals, Benefits, and Assessment of an Undergraduate Art Therapy Program

Developing a Meaningful Quality Assurance Program

Physiological Change, Communication, and the Playing of Improvised Music: Some Proposals for Research

Where the Wild Things Are: A Psychoanalytic Art Therapy Perspective

Brief Report: The Kinesthetic Room: Visual and Other Supportive Therapy for Confined Patients

Reflections: A Note on Leadership in Poetry Therapy Book Review: Depth Psychology of Art by Shaun McNiff

Book Review: Michelangelo’s Sistine Ceiling: A Psychoanalytic Study of Creativity by Jerome D. Oremland

Book Review: Studies in Clinical Application of Drawings (Vols. Il & IV) by Japanese Association for Family Drawings

News and Notes

Volume 18, Number 2

M. Christine Rack

Karenlee Clarke Alexander

David Aldridge Gudrun Brandt

David Nez James Farrelly Amy Joseph

Valorie N. Zagelbaum Maria A. Rubino

Lorna R. Glassman

Frederic J. Boersma Rosemary Moskal Don Massey

Carol Elkins Lauren D. Cunningham Edith Wallace

Merle Molofsky Caroline Van Zandt

Amy Schaffer

CONTENTS Perspective: Psyche and Image: Figure/Ground Relationships Artmaking: Bridge to Metaphorical Thinking

Music Therapy and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Persephone’s Return: Archetypal Art Therapy and the Treatment of a Survivor of Abuse

Expressive Therapies in a Crisis Intervention Service

Combined Dance/Movement, Art, and Music Therapies With a Devel- opmentally Delayed, Psychiatric Client in a Day Treatment Setting

Music Therapy and Bibliotherapy in the Rehabilitation of Traumatic Brain Injury: A Case Study

Acknowledging the Wind and a Child’s Unconscious: Creative Therapy With Trance Experience

Letters to the Editor

Book Review: Waiting and After poems by Pierre Boenig-Scherel

Book Review: Tales of Enchantment: Goal-Oriented Metaphors for Adults and Children in Therapy by Carol H. Lankton & Stephen R. Lankton

Book Review: The Passionate Technique: Strategic Psychodrama With Individuals, Families, and Groups by Antony Williams

News and Notes

Volume 18, Number 3

David Read Johnson

Helen B. Landgarten Anthony Decuir

Doris Arrington

Steve Harvey


Introduction to the Special Issue on the Creative Arts Therapies and the Family

Perspective: Family Creative Arts Therapies: Past and Present Trends in Music and Family Therapy

Thinking Systems—Seeing Systems: An Integrative Model for Systemically Oriented Art Therapy

Creating a Family: An Integrated Expressive Approach to Adoption

Bonnie Meekums

Lois Carey

Eva Leveton

Ellen G. Horovitz-Darby Susan L. Sandel

Joan Bloomgarden

Bonnie Meekums

E.A. Regensburg

Dance/Movement Therapy With Mothers and Young Children at Risk of Abuse

Family Sandplay Therapy

The Use of Doubling to Counter Resistance in Family and Individual Treatment

Family Art Therapy Within a Deaf System Reflections: Family Stories

Book Review: The Living Psyche: A Jungian Analysis in Pictures by Edward F. Edinger

Book Review: Innovative Interventions in Child and Adolescent Therapy by Charles E. Schaefer

Book Review: Draw A Story: Screening for Depression and Emotional Needs by Rawley A. Silver

News and Notes

Volume 18, Number 4

Shaun McNiff David Read Johnson Julie K. Hibben

Beth Franks Danielle Fraenkel

Bonnie A. Weiss

Joseph J. Moreno

Jim Lantz Karen V. Harper

Frances Fisher Kaplan

Cynthia Gulbro-Leavitt Bella Schimmel

Lois Kay Metzger

David Aldridge

Rudolph Arnheim Sherry Reiter

CONTENTS Perspective: Ethics and the Autonomy of Images The Theory and Technique of Transformations in Drama Therapy

Identifying Dimensions of Music Therapy Activities Appropriate for Children at Different Stages of Group Development

Fairy Tales and Dance/Movement Therapy: Catalysts of Change for Eating-Disordered Individuals

The Use of Art Therapy to Process the Termination of a Professional Relationship

Musical Psychodrama in Naples Using Poetry in Logotherapy

Drawing Assessment and Artistic Skill

Brief Report: Assessing Depression in Children and Adolescents Using the Diagnostic Drawing Series Modified for Children (DDS-C)

Brief Report: A Study of the Musical Preference of Psychiatric Patients in a Short-Term Treatment Center

Reflections: Creativity and Consciousness: Music Therapy in Intensive Care

Letter to the Editor

Book Review: Drama Therapy With Families, Groups and Individuals Waiting In The Wings by Sue Jennings ;

Michael Campanelli

Marion Goldstein

Book Review: Existential Art Therapy: The Canvas Mirror by Bruce L. Moon

Book Review: Storymaking in Education and Therapy by Alida Gersie & Nancy King

News and Notes

Volume 18, Number 5

Sylvia M. Halpern David Read Johnson David Read Johnson

Vija B. Lusebrink

Adam Blatner

Frances Smith Goldberg

Susan Coto-McKenna Linda Cohn

Robert J. Landy

Rachel S. Gonick Marjorie Gold

David R. Henley

Don D. Coffman Kate Gfeller Alice-Ann Darrow Stacy L. Coffman

Karen Wakeley Peter F. Jampel

F. J. Bejjani Rawley Silver

Claire Schmais

Miriam Roskin Berger

Bernadette Callanan

CONTENTS Thank You, David Johnson Introduction to the Special Issue on the 1990 NCATA Conference

Perspective: Taking the Next Step: Forming the National Creative Arts Therapies Association

A Systems Oriented Approach to the Expressive Therapies: The Expressive Therapies Continuum

Theoretical Principles Underlying Creative Arts Therapies

Creative Arts Group Process Evaluation Tool: Implications for Clinical Practice and Training

A Taxonomy of Roles: A Blueprint for the Possibilities of Being

Fragile Attachments: Expressive Arts Therapy With Children in Foster Care

Therapeutic and Aesthetic Application of Video With the Developmentally Disabled

Computer-Assisted Comparison of Melodic and Rhythmic Discrimination Skills in Hearing-Impaired and Normally Hearing Children: A Pilot Study

Brief Report: ‘‘The Box’’: An Interpretive, Symbolic Film Reflections: Echoes of the 1990 NCATA Conference Letters to the Editor

Book Review: Dance Therapy & Depth Psychology by Joan Chodorow

Book Review: Dance/Movement Therapy: A Healing Art by Fran J. Levy

Book Review: Breaking the Silence: Art Therapy With Children From Violent Homes by Cathy A. Malchiodi

News and Notes

Index to Volume 18