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Top Guitarist VINCENT BELL is famed among the pros for innovation, That's why he says “DANELECTRO has presented the most new ideas over the years, They are usually first with the new sounds, It's top value for my money!”

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+ New, advanced custom features for easier, better play * Same unmatched Danelectro More-for-the-Doijlar value

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20 years of electric guitar leadership

The exciting new DANE line achieves —in every instrument

the ultimate in personal playing ease with unique ‘custom feel adjustments —plus speediine, action-balanced design.

DANE line ex7rrRa vatue “Ay FEATURES include: DANE A series

e Slim, NEVER-WARP NECK steel

beam reinforced; never needs ad- Famous Danelectro design rigid, Never-Warp Neck has justment, Slimline affords maximum simple, pasitive Action Adjustment at Neck Socket for fingering speed. custom “feel © Tone and Volume Control for each Pick-

J oF up. Double Pickup also has 3-Position Switch for either

® SIMPLE STRING ACTION AD- or bath Pickups. ® Hard Lacquer Finish provides durable JUSTMENT at neck socket for selec- oratection # Choice of 4 handsome Colors, Only DAN-

: | : ELECTRO could produce so much guitar priced so low! tive, easy action. @ Special Danelectro-engineered ALL


Dowble Pickup

3 cor ) “LA? | AV Single Pickup Hand Vibralo* 64.95 | e Genuine BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD A2y Double Pickup Hand Vibrate* 79.95 FINGERBOARD. AIN12 Single Pickup 12 String 69.95 es we ASNI2 Double Pickup 12 String $4.95 ® Precision-set FRETS positive ma- hip Single Pickup 4 String Bass 64.95 weet ay : Standarcl Colar: Brawn chine positioned. Optional Colors: Blue, Red, Black © Force-fitted POSITION MARKERS aay EERE ER Ee ee

permanent, not glued. ® Simple PICK-UP ADJUSTMENT ® Durable, hard LACQUER FINISH resists damage, wear. e ALL-WAY ADJUSTABLE BRIDGE— | éip?7? up, down, forward & back—p/us any D> AWN IE series

degree of angle.

# 'TLEXBRIOGE” Hand vibrato Pat. Pending

e Famous DANELECTRO TOTAL 21-Fret Slim-Neck features Danelectro positive Action SHIELDING from static and inter- Adjustment at Neck Socket # Comfort-styled, semi-solid f sets ee Sat : hi erates Durabody with all major adjustment features far smaath- erence ‘caused’ by’ neon, ‘Tas Ing est action, easy play ® DOUBLE PICKUP has Volume and lights, motors, other nearby nose Tone Controls and Individual Switches for each Pickup; sources. Special circuits provide either smooth lows or brilliant highs.@#TRIPLE PICKUP has Individual Volume Control FIRST WITH ELECTRIC GUITAR and Switches for each Pickup, plus Master Volume Con- PS 7 ie aso et Nena ees trol: full range Tone Selection. Provides complete, flexible FIRSTS” FOR 20 YEARS IN- Sound Control. « Wide Model selection for your taste Cr UDING: and style ¢ Choice of 2 colors. Famous Danelectro quality | Se , . at popular price. FIRST Successful TREMOLO AMPLIFIER, introduced in 1947 MODEL NO. Originators of REVERBERATION for the a ae, ae ig Electric Guitar Industry 17950 Boy Double Pickup Hand Vibrate 100.00 : . , | 1 . pe Ea Triple Pickup Hand Vibrate 120.00 FIRST 6-STRING ELECTRIC BASS Guitar, BAN T2 Double Pickup 12 String 100.00 introduced in 1956-— : , B3N12 Triple Pickup 12 String 120.00 FIRST 12-STRING ELECTRIC GUITAR Standard Colar: White with T 12-STRING ‘CTRIC GUITAR, in- Black Trim troduced in 1961 | Optional Color: Green with Seca supe | White trim Over 20 years' experience the reliability of an chet eee pect Bag lbs American-made product and Components rigid : ae quality control (not oceans away) —— add builtin you can appreciate the value

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20 years of electric guitar feadership—in every instrument

| ; biga?? DANE ( series

Semi-solid Durabody in handsome 2-Tone Gator Finish ® High-Style Pickguard ¢ Custom “feel” Adjustments « DOUBLE PICKUP has Volume and Tone Con- trols and Individual Switches for each Pickup; Special circuits provide either smooth lows or brilliant highs«TRIPLE PICKUP has Individual Volume Control and Switches for each Pickup, plus Master Volume Control; full range Tone Selection, Provides complete, flexible Sound Control, # Full selection of popu- lar Models ® 4 and & String Bass @ Choice of Gator colors. Another unbeatable


DANE Quality value.


C2N Double Pickup 5 90.00 CIN Triple Pickup 110.00 C2 Dauble Pickup Hand Vibrato 100.00 Gav Triple Pickup Hand Vibrato 120.00 C2N12 Double Pickup L2 String 100.00 CIN12 Triple Pickup 12 String 120.00 c2B4 Double Pickup 4 String Bass 100.00 C266 Double Pickup 6 String Bass 100.00

Standard Color: Gator Black with Red

Optional Colors: Gator Black with Blue

Gator Black with Beige BCS2 Fippered Canvas Bag 12.00 BCD@2 Hard Shell Case 30.00 coe9 Hard Shell Bass Case 35.00


Deluxe sculptured Thinline Solid Body for perfect balance, superb tone © all Deluxe custom-action adjustment features including Floating adjustable Pickguard-Fingerguide for total personal “feel” e DOUBLE PICKUP has Individual Volume Control for each Pickup plus Master Volume Control; 4 Switches provide the most complete Tone Variations.eTRIPLE PICKUP has Individual Volume Control and Switches for each Pickup, plus Master Volume Control; full range Tone Selection. Provides total flexibility and variety of eqund, # The 12-String features the authentic Vincent Bell Sound devel- oped for fullest beauty and effect. A superb creation for the true professional.


D2N Double Pickup $170.00 DaN Triple Pickup 130.00 D2 Double Pickup Hand Vibrato 120.00 O3¥ Triple Pickup Hand Vibrate 140.00 DAN12 Double Pickup 12 String 120.00 D3Ni2 Triple Pickup 12 String 140.00 D284 Double Pickup 4 String Bass 120.00 D2B6 Double Pickup 6 String Bass 120.00 Standard Colors: Red, White, Black, Natural Black, Natural BCDB? Hard Shell case 30.00 Coss Hard Shell Bass Case 35.00

you can appreciate the value only when you COMPARE!

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DANE [ series

d-String Bass with Extended Neck for the BIG BASS Sound and the BIG STAGE Look # Sculp- tured Solid Body # Reflective Stylized Pick- cuard # Twin Finger Rests @ Flat wound strings e Sure-set Wide-Wing Keys and Choice of 4 Colors. Separate Tone and Volume Control for each Pickup affords full variations. Another magnificent DANE instrument that adds the hig sound to groups.

E2N4 Double Pickup 4 String Bass $150.00 Standard Colors, Rec, White Black, Natural E88 Hard Shell Case 40.00


The Original 12 String Electric Guitar de- veloped by Vincent Bell for Danelectro this guitar is used extensively in recordings of Folk Rock Music, Rock and Roll, Jazz, and “the Oriental Sound.”


Model TOFT 000.000. flo

Order with Hard Shell Gase or Fully Padded Bag

CASE No. 9742 200000... $90 BAG No. S710 00.0... $48

7 TL Patten ese Tey = 4 ere ly aa pg Fa

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ee fe i‘ fc i,


7 i e Hs : ee eget, \ ba or Pe is E8 t MODEL 05-10 me! " “ay


Gne Hundred watts clear steady power, Music power rating. over 150 watts, Six speakers, special design 10° Jensen, “Stow-away” amplifier cabinet nests inte speaker cabinet for portability. Superb for electric bass on Channel One 13 controls: volume, hass, treble}, Tremendous for guitar, etc, on Channel Two [6 controls: volume, bass, treble, reverb, vib, speed, vib. strength). Vertical column design far better sound projection and mininnurn floar space. Four rubber swivel wheels, and two side handles. Reverberation, extra wide range design. Vibrato newest smoath- est design. Two pilot lights indicate standby or operate pasitian. Weight 79 lbs; size J" x 27" x 12",

Amplitter Model O8-100 00. 5475.00 Slip Cover Mo. BCV-100 eet = SEBOG Two Button Foot Switely No. DFS§-2 0. 4.50


This model affers the best cambination of quality ank economy lo be found ja the low-price field, Good Inaking functional de- sign, Large cabinet measures 16° high, 13" wide, deep, Go inth Alnico ¥ speaker; 2 tube 0-00 circuit, Tone control and walume control: ? inputs, Separate on-aff switch; separate panel- maurted fuse holder,

Amplifier Model 0-123 wee eee PAGO

MaATCEIT NAA eee 207 Tot J Gen tte 7 625 Fee Sead Aas


Fifty watts clear steady power, Music power over #5 watts. Three speakers, special design LO” Jensen. “Stra-away" amplifier cabinet nests into speaker cabinel for portability. Excellent for electric bass an Channal One (3 controls: yalume, bass, treble, reverb, vib, speed, vib, strengthi. Vertical calumin design Tor better sound projection and minimum floor space. Four rubber swivel wheels, and twa side handles, fieverberalion, extra wide range design, Vibrato, new- est smoothest design. Two pilot li¢hts indicate stand- by or aperate position, Weight Sf ibs; size ol” x Je" x12",

Amplifier Model O8-50 2000000000... $350,00 Slip Cover Mo. DOV-50 oo) | SO Two Button Foot Switch No. DFS? ..... 4.50


Quality is atvigus fram the expensive vinyl covering and the alerant chrome cantral panel, Ten Watts music power. Special design & inch Jensen speaker. Full vilrrato built in with controls for speed and etreneth and input for foot switch. Weight 16 Ibs.; size T5¥2" x 1ST RP",

Amplifier Model DA-10 |, coo S500 Sip Cover Mo. OOW-O oe 80 One Button Foot Switch Mo, OFS-1 |... ee



Most compect two piece emplifier made, hes all the advantages of a separate amplifier with the conveni- ence of “stowaway for portability. Twenty-five walls musi¢ power. Twelve inch Jansen special design speaker, Reverberation, extra wide ranee design. Vi- brato, newest smoothest design. Two channels with J controls on Claanel One and 6 controls on Channel Two provide utmost flexibility. Four input jacks, standby switch, ground switch, long lite nean pilot light. Weight 32 lbs.; size 18" * 20" * 11",

Amplifier Model OW-25 2000000000000... $IBOLOD Slip Cover No. DCV-25 fr acnaigaeil 10.00 Two Button Foot Switch Mo. OFS? 8.50 DTR-40

The result of intensive development is this #0 watl all transistor amplifier. Full use is made of the spe: cial character of transistors resulting in @ powertul amplifier which is litht in weight, cool in: operation, and requires no warm up time. Full vibrato with speed and strength cantrais, Two special design 10" speakers. Weight 29 Ibs.; size 144%" 2 23" x 10", Aimplitier Model OTR-0 Coe S000 Slip Cover No. OCW40 eee =) TED One Button Foot Switch Mo, OFS-1 2.00... 4.25


* use with any amplifier

= most beautiful effects

* select exact amount of reverberation * multiple delaying springs

Uses the sew Danelectro system of multiple delaying springs to obtain the most Beautiful effects, Can create the illusion of vast eche chambers, ar by turning the central the effect can be diminished ta any desired degree, Extremely simple ta use with any am- plifiar, Just plug instrument ar mike into the Reverb Box, and plue cord from Reverb Box into amplifier. Op- erates on AC, Has sall-contained power Supply.

Light and sturdy, this ume contains no mators, belts, tapes. ete, and is not subject to the maintenance or mechari- cal service problems of such moving parts.

Standard Model 9100 00... $HO.00 Remote Control Cord No. 1885 4,25


ACOUSTIC/ELECTRIC. As a non- electric, this model produces clear sustained tones. The special pickup kit may be added if and when de- sired, to convert to electric guitar. simple installation. Predrilled holes have decorative inserts.

BUITAR WITHOUT PICKUP... Uses Standard Danelectro neck. Fully ad- justable bridge.

Hlande Mode! 5005 $45 PICKUP KIT includes al] controls and 10 ft. cord. Especially designed for Model 5006 guiter. Not for use with any other make or model. Model S010 $20 GUITAR WITH FICKUP .. . Same as 54 with Pickup S010 completely assembled at the factory, May be used with or without amplification,

Blonde Model 5015 $65 Hard Shell Case Wo. E42 30 of

cippered Camvas Bag Mo. S300 10

= Tie ee ee ee a, os ae ey ee Ta ee ce EO a j La i 4 ry f sets rt os a te “a4







This new instrument is a guitar with fingerboard extended deep into the body. 32 frets combine the guitar and mandolin range. Tuned and played a5 a guitar with regular euitar strings. Guitar tone in lower revister shades to mandolin in upper rerister,

Bronze Sunburst Model 4123 $150 Hard Shell Case Mo. 9842 a0


Bass Strings 2914" C2B4, C266, 0284, 0286 set af 4: GDAE

Set of 6 EBGDAE Individually

E thigh!

Scale. Fits Models AIB4,

Ho. 0 $5.50 ie Ho. 960 7.50 banat dialy 0

90 S00 OC

. 902 1.00 E He. 803 1.00 ie, 904 1.00 he. 305 7.00 Ne. 306 2.00 String Guitars


Continued refinements have resulted in @ superb instrument. Used in many recent recordings, T.V. pro prams and motion pictures. Avyail- able in two models, 4 string or 6 string, in Bronze and white sun- bursi

4 STRING BASS Model 4429 $150 & STRING BASS Model 4623 150 Hard Shell Case No. 9642 .. 430

Flat Wound Bass Strings 33457


Sel of 4: GOAE



Guitar and bats. Compact thin body design, overall size L742" x 39" Is smaller than some concert model Rultars. Separate tone and volume controls for each meck. Three way switch connects. either neck alone or both together. All frets within easy reach. White sunburst.

DOUBLE-HECK Mocel 3923 ... 31% HARD SHELL CASE Model 9943 35

Scale. Fits Model

He. 840 $13.70 Mo. 303 $7.30 Ho. Bi 2.50 Ho. 605 4.00 He. EOE 4.60

12 String Guitar String Packet Set of 12 plus 5 Spares. Fits al

Danelectro J?

He. S17 $7.50

" ie duta'